Silver Queen previously Fermain V

Annual Veterans Cruise; Kingston on Thames to Weybridge Mariners

The Annual Veterans Cruise is one of the most important events in the ADLS calendar. Originally conceived as an opportunity to reunite participants in Operation Dynamo with the Little Ships, the event now includes Veterans from D-Day and other operations of WWII.

13. September 2009 - 9:30 - 18:00

Fermain V previously Silver Queen

Boat Specification
Boat Name: 
Silver Queen previously Fermain V
Boat Type: 
Passenger launch
Boat Length: 
40ft 6ins
Boat Beam: 
12ft 6ins
Boat Draft: 
Boat Displacement: 
Not known
Boat Engine: 
Ford 6cyl Diesel
Boat Construction: 
Boat Builder: 
Horn Bros., Southampton
Boat Year: 
Member of the Restoration Trust

Silver Queen, now re-named Fermain V, was built by Horn Brothers in Southampton in 1926 as a harbour launch. With a 2ft draught she was certainly never designed to cross the channel.

At the time of Dunkirk, she was towed across, because she was ideal for ferrying soldiers from La Panne beach to the larger destroyers and transports which brought them back to England. Boats of her kind were considered expendable once their task had been fulfilled and no-one would have expected her to come back unscathed. In fact, she was reported to have sunk, but was later re-floated.

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