Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust

In 1992 concern was felt within the ADLS at the number of Little Ships being destroyed as owners, for various reasons, were unable to maintain them. The Association was not able to help directly and a separate trust, with charitable status, was set up in 1993. The majority of the trustees have to be members of the ADLS and its objectives are:-

To purchase Dunkirk Little Ships in danger of being destroyed and remove them to a place of safety.

To encourage boat building and other conservation skills by restoring the Little Ships to a high standard of work with a view to ensuring the continued useful life of the boat.

Volunteers (or money!) wanted

All the work is carried out by volunteers. Anyone interested in helping would be made very welcome and should first contact the Trust at the following address:-
The Dunkirk Little Ship Restoration Trust,
c/o Cottage by the Lake,
Hook Shore,
Hants. SO31 9HF,
e-mail jerry.lewis@care4free.net
To date, the Trust has acquired eleven Little Ships, some of which have been restored, others sold on and the remaining are in safe storage awaiting funds to be restored. All the Little Ships presently held by the Trust are for sale to raise funds for further restoration.

You can, if you wish, donate money towards the restoration of specific Little Ships - see the list below.