Falcon II

Falcon II


Falcon II

I did some work on Falcon II in 1972/3 and she also was in Tuc's dry dock where they fitted a new stem post and the Grey (GM) engine was removed refurbished and refitted.
Does anyone know where she is now?
David Hedderwick
07970 788020

Falcon 11/Alabama

Hi David, long time no see.

Sadly, after I sold her in 1975, she was sunk in the London river and was salvaged and the wreck sold for £1 to a gentleman who was going to restore her. I found her again in the late 80s as a sorry wreck at Tough's Boat Yard in Teddington. It is my belief that both the new owner and the boat yard ran into difficulties. What happened to her I do not know as I moved away from the area and lost touch.

I have a video of the salvage and some photos of the wreck at Tough's. I do not however have any photos of the time when we both knew her. Unable to give any more information.

Best regards, Mike