HMS Watchful

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My wifes late farther served on this ship in 1940, his name was David BOLL and he came from Glasgow.
I would like to hear from anyone who can help her fill the gaps about her, I have his WW2 service record and can supply service No etc,
Alex Paterson.

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HMS Watchful my Father Jack Burgess Served on her

My father also served on HMS Watchful From 24th May 1940 to 19th October 1940 so was at Dunkirk on HMS Watchful.
HMS Watchful was straffed by Drive Bombs and my father had the job of picking up body parts off her Deck on landing the Troops in Dover on Admiraty Pier in Dovers Western Docks, on her last run home from Dunkirk she was beached near the Prince of wales Pier but refloated the next day after repairs by a Navel work Party,while she was on the Beach the Crew including my father had retuired to a Pub in Snargate street but return the next day to sail back again but where turn back as the repairs where not that good and she was taking on water so was ran ashore again to save her my father was on the wheel both times,and he told me that she also had a shelter in built in the wheelhouse.
if you e-mail me i can send you copys of his service Documents and Photos of his crew which Maybe the crew of the HMS Watchful, HMS Europa was a shore Base,in Lowestoft, HMS Lynx was a shore Base in Dover, my Father also Served on HMS Brock (51st Minesweeeper Flottilla) try you maybe able to find picture and ref to Actions of ships your father Served on, hope this is of help