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Cameron Graham
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I am interested in obtaining a 1930's era Klaxon (Klaxonette?) to complete the restoration of L'Aventure (ex-Dragonfly) a 1933 Thornycroft Motor Boat built at their yard on Platt's Eyot, near Hampton. The type of horn in question may be seen in a photograph of the vessel at the 1934 London Boat Show under 'L'Aventure' in the ADLS Boats section. You can contact me directly at jcgraham@hurontel.on.ca Thanks
Cameron Graham

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Klaxon Horn

Cameron, try ebay. They do come up and you can get them quite cheaply if you don't mind doing a bit of restoration. Other wise a boat jumble is your best bet (do they have them in Canada) but they are not cheap as they tend to get sold as 'curios' rather than for actual use. good luck, Ian