The little ship that inspired Christopher Nolan

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The historical theme of the film Dunkirk is rapidly moving towards an inner world in order to arouse feelings among the spectators. The film exists as a more lyrical art than a documentary. Christopher Nolan reinterprets the evacuation named "Dynamo Operation" which focuses almost exclusively on the lyrical attitude, so that we cannot clearly judge the world of war. A magical curtain, composed of theatrical accessories from reconstructed ships, is on motion for the historical facts. This is the identification sign of art made of the same substance as "The Tempest" of Shakespeare. A huge storm batters a ship in Act 1, but nobody knows if it was the "Sea Venture" ship that crossed the Atlantic Ocean to fail on an island in Bermuda or the "Royal Prince" undergoing a magic sudden storm. It would have been absurd to use one of the real historical little ships instead of the Moonstone for the picture of "Dunkirk" since the ethics of the essential was not there.