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Colin Lambird
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A little while ago I applied to become an 'associated' member after having served as a member of Gentle Ladye's crew on the Dunkirk trip. I have since served once again on the Veterans Cruise and look forward to the next event which I believe will be Henley. I am a Royal Navy Veteran and a long standing member of three Naval Associations, the RNA, HMS Ganges Association & the TON Class Association where there is no shortage of would be volunteers if any other vessels are in need of extra 'hands'. I have posted comments on the Naval sites relating to both the Dunkirk Crossing & the Veterans Cruise and these have generated interest in the ADLS.
At present I can log in and view all the topics as an Associate Member but I am unable to access the ADLS Shop Price List and order an Association lapel pin if it is at all possible.

Colin Lambird

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Colin, good to hear about your support for the ADLS. It is much apprecited. To order a pin badge contact Tony Goodhead If you explain your interest and that you have been in contact with me there should not be a problem.

Ian Gilbert
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