RIIS 1 at Ramsgate



During the 1960's and 1970's my father spent a lot of time on board RIIS 1 with the owner at that time, DR E Fellows. I was taken to Ostend and visited various places on the east coast when the boat was kept at West Mersea. I can remember being pushed under the engines one cold Sunday afternoon when I was about 12 years old because I was small enough to fit to tighten up some bolts, all the adults were to big!
My father was always making up new parts for the boat and I remember he was very involved in design and build of the outside steering position. I last saw the boat about 1992 in Cherbourg. I walked to the end of the pontoon late one evening, saw the boat, knocked, explained who I was and was instantly invited aboard. After a short tour, the whisky bottle was pulled from under the saloon table and we all had far to much. I cannot remember who my host was but I do remember that it was the very same bottle from my childhood, much replenished. I would be very keen to visit the boat again.