Stenoa previously Cecil and Lilian Philpott

Boat Specification
Boat Name: 
Stenoa previously Cecil and Lilian Philpott
Boat Type: 
R.N.L.I. Lifeboat
Boat Length: 
45ft 6ins
Boat Beam: 
12ft 6ins
Boat Draft: 
4ft 6ins
Boat Displacement: 
25 tons
Boat Engine: 
2x Ford 4D 72hp Diesels
Boat Construction: 
Boat Builder: 
J S White, Cowes IoW
Boat Year: 

The Newhaven lifeboat saved 51 soldiers at Dunkirk, but the mission nearly ended in disaster when she was left high and dry for 4 hours before returning on 3rd June. Cecil & Lilian Philpott was in service at Newhaven from 1930 to 1959; apart from Dunkirk she was launched 159 times and saved 99 lives. In November 1940 she was rammed and nearly cut in half by HM trawler Avanturine, but she survived. Later she served in the RNLI's reserve fleet at various lifeboat stations around the coast increasing her score with a further 76 incidents, and saving 49 more lives.

Dr. Oliver Dansie bought her in 1969 as "a successful investment in family life". Then, his children were growing up; now his grandchildren are enjoying her. Re-named Stenoa he ran her for a year on her two thirsty petrol engines which demanded 22 separate operations before they could be started up. Now he has two 4-cylinder Ford diesels, and considerably more space. When he bought her he was told that the open boat could take 136 people on deck before her stability began to be affected. The Dansie family have used Stenoa for two decades as a powerful, safe cruiser. She has taken them through inland Britain and around France, Belgium and the Channel Islands.

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