Thames Traditional Boat Rally

The Thames Traditional Boat Rally is, simply put, a huge 2-day display of the very finest-looking traditional boats one can see. It was the dream, back in 1977, of a few keen boaters. Most of these were members of the River Thames Society, others were members of the Inland Waterways Association or Thames boat clubs. Their idea was to encourage owners of traditional craft to cherish and restore them to all their former glory, as well as to continue to use them upon the river. The Rally was to be both a meeting and a showcase for owners and craft, at one of the most beautiful spots on the River Thames, with various trophies and prizes awarded. Happily, it is still going, and becomes more spectacular every year.

ADLS Little Ships will sail past on Saturday at 1645 and on Sunday at 1100. On Sunday some of the remaining Dunkirk Veterans will embark on the Little Ships after marching past at 1015. A rare occasion when the Little Ships are reunited with the Survivors of Operation Dynamo.

Little Ships registered to attend are shown below in their order of sailing:
Fermain V
Devon Belle
Gay Venture
Tom Tit
Naiad Errant
Gentle Ladye

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18. July 2009 (All day) - 19. July 2009 (All day)


Images of the Event

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