My Babe II now Lady Anita

Boat Specification
Boat Name: 
My Babe II now Lady Anita
Boat Type: 
Motor Yacht
Boat Length: 
Boat Beam: 
8ft 3ins
Boat Draft: 
Boat Displacement: 
7.56 tons
Boat Engine: 
2 x Gray Petrol
Boat Construction: 
Boat Builder: 
Osborne, Littlehampton
Boat Year: 

Lady Anita was originally called My Babe II when she was built by Osborne's at Littlehampton in 1939 for Gerald Marcuse of Bosham.

Her records, like those of so many Dunkirk Little Ships, were themselves casualties of the war but we know that she was taken over by the Admiralty in 1940 for service in Dunkirk.

After the war her new owner, A.C. Draycott changed her name to Alliance and she then had no less than eight owners and in 1980 D.B. Stewart, her latest owner, finally changed her name to Lady Anita

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