E.M.E.D. now Capitan Christensen

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Boat Specification
Boat Name: 
E.M.E.D. now Capitan Christensen
Boat Type: 
R.N.L.I. Lifeboat
Boat Length: 
48ft 6ins
Boat Beam: 
Boat Draft: 
Boat Displacement: 
Boat Engine: 
Boat Construction: 
Boat Builder: 
J S White, Cowes, IoW
Boat Year: 

E.M.E.D. the 1928 Walton & Frinton lifeboat built by J. Samuel White, was sold out of service to Chile in 1956. She was a large vessel of her type: 48ft. 6ins. long with a 13ft. beam.

She went to Dunkirk twice in 1940 and survived three enemy air attacks off Gravelines which destroyed boats with which she was in tow. She came back with a rope around her propeller. A shell killed the officer in charge.

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