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Type: Motor Yacht
Length: 20ft 9ins
Beam: 7ft 6ins
Engine: Austin
Boat Year: 1934

Brywyn is one of the Little Ships with which we have lost contact.

She was last known to be at or near Bablock Hythe, Northmoor, Oxfordshire.

Further Information:

Fri, 08/06/2012

Lt.Cm Mist owned the 'BryWyn', named after his son and wife. He sold it in the early 1950's and purchased another boat including his second son's name David, hence the 'BryWynDa'.

I have two photographs taken just below Richmond Lock on the north bank where they were moored in the late 1940's. One shows us 'men' myself aged about eight or nine, Bryan Mist, David Mist, Martin Chatfield my (brother) and Mr Mist. Mr Mist was a dentist with a practice in Beauchamp Place and we were neighbours in Conifer Gardens, Streatham until they moved away about 1954/5.

The second shows myself and Martin on the BryWyn or BryWynDa. I think it must have been the BryWyn looking at my age.


Colin Chatfield (Now living in the Charente, France.)

I cannot see how to add the photographs.

Fri, 08/06/2012

This was owned by Mr and Mrs Smith of Conifer Gardens , Streatham SW16. Mr Smith was a Dental Surgeon operating out of his mother’s home in Beachamp Place, Bromptom.

They sold the Brywin in the 50s and replaced it with a larger cruiser named the Brywinda

Names for Bryan, Winifred and David. Bryan and David being the two sons. I used to live next door at 27 Conifer Gardens and spent may happy summer days on the Brywin.
Martin Chatfield.

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