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Type: R.N.L.I. Lifeboat
Length: 48ft 6ins
Beam: 13ft
Draft: n/k
Boat Displacement: n/k
Engine: n/k
Construction: n/k
Builder: J S White, Cowes, IoW
Year: 1928

E.M.E.D. the 1928 Walton & Frinton lifeboat built by J. Samuel White, was sold out of service to Chile in 1956. She was a large vessel of her type: 48ft. 6ins. long with a 13ft. beam.

She went to Dunkirk twice in 1940 and survived three enemy air attacks off Gravelines which destroyed boats with which she was in tow. She came back with a rope around her propeller. A shell killed the officer in charge.

From a new contributor to the website (May 2018):
"I am a Volunteer belonging to the Volunteer Corps of the Lifeboats of Valparaiso Chile.
I was Third Pilot of the BS Capitan Cristhiansen previous EMED Boat.
I am currently part of a project to recover this historic vessel, the former EMED.
I have not found pictures of her."
Image appended from our files, see also here:- (and elsewhere)

We await further details of this....could she hold the record for the most far flung 'Dunkirker'? (London to Valparaiso is 7260 miles apparently)

See also her sister ship 'Greater London - Ades 1'.

Updated 26/06/2018

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