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1940 Desel II
Type: Motor Cruiser
Length: 30ft
Beam: 8ft 6ins
Draft: 3ft
Displacement: 5.5 tons
Engine: 80hp Diesel
Construction: Carvel
Builder: Saunders & Roe, Cowes
Year: 1934

Now named Delise, Desel II belongs to Rory Maher, at Milford Haven in Wales. But she was reported to have once sailed through the straits of Japan.

At the time of Dunkirk, she belonged to a Mr. Dudley Stone. As a member of the ADLS she took part in the 45th Anniversary return to Dunkirk in 1985. Rory Maher, who found her in very poor condition on the river Avon, has now entirely restored her and keeps her across the Severn at Milford Haven in Wales.

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Further Information:

Wed, 26/01/2011

She now lies in a field in Ceredigion (Cardiganshire as was) in West Wales. She has been there for a number of years and has never been covered. The hull is bare wood and the upper works rotting. An attempt was made to acquire the boat from its owner, but he made unreasonable demands, so there she lies and will probably continue to do so until she makes a fine bonfire. Any more info

Sun, 05/02/2012

This comment is untrue, the boat has been restored from a poor condition.

Possibly he made unreasonable demands due to the emotional attachment he has to the boat.

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