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Type:  Motor Yacht
Length:  42ft
Boat Beam:  13ft
Draft:  4ft 6ins
Engine:  2 x BMC Commodore Diesels
Construction:  Pitch pine on oak
Builder:  Not known
Year:  1926

Uffa Fox, famous yachtsman and designer, waxed lyrical when he wrote about Mary Jane in 1938. "A yacht where the owner's wife shares the joys of cruising has a restfulness and peace which is lacking in vessels used entirely by men, so that one constantly expects to see a cat curled up by an inviting fire. Mary Jane is one of the cosiest yachts I've ever slept aboard". He was the guest of Col. Richardson and his wife who had converted her from a naval pinnace.

Her hull built to stringent Admiralty standards, her accommodation was panelled in Canadian birch and she had central heating throughout. She owed the comfort of her furnishings to Mrs. Richardson and her daughter who often cruised in her.


Fri, 16/07/2010 - 23:41

I was once a proud owner of Mary Jane, glad to see she returned to Dunkirk and even more important she has been restored to such a fine vessel.

Fri, 04/06/2010 - 16:39

Little Ships - Dunkerque May 28th

Message for Miles:

Re: your notice stuck in one of the Mary Jane windows - welcoming females aboard!! Be it a joke or not, I am so pleased to have taken you up on your kind offer.

It was a delight to be aboard - and a privilege. We loved meeting you - and Charlie from Norfolk(?) ... and hearing the stories, right inside one of the Little Ships. Hoping the journey home was not too rough. I did not manage the voyage out aboard this year - but it was the next best thing.

Thanks again.

Jaine & Warner

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