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Type:  Motor Yacht
Length:  63ft
Beam:  12ft 9ins
Draft:  7ft
Displacement:  58 tons
Engine:  2 x Gardner 6LX Diesels
Construction:  Steel
Builder:  J Samuel White, Cowes IoW
Year:  1935

Noneta was built for Mr. Eustace Atkins by J Samuel White & Co under the supervision of Messrs Wm. Mc C. Meek & Co in 1935. Construction was complete in four months from the date of signing the contract. She was, moreover, built to Lloyds rules and under their supervision.

Her design was considered to be very modern with the then fashionable Bremen bow, construction was in steel and she was fitted with 3 Beclawat windows each side of the saloon. She also had full quarters which allowed for a double state-room aft as well as an aft peak that houses the steering gear. Noneta was featured in 'Yachting World' in the '30s and photographed by Beken of Cowes.

At the outbreak of war she was owned by Brigadier Sir F.W.C. Featherstone-Godley, at that time Chairman of The British Legion and a keen yachtsman.

Noneta was requisitioned by H. M. Government for the duration of the war and served as HMS N33 in the Victory Squadron at Portsmouth and formed part of the coastal defence force on the South coast, commanded by Sub. Lieut. A.J. Potter-Irwin. Whilst under his command Noneta was dispatched to Dunkirk, arriving on the first day of the evacuation.

After the war, Noneta was returned to Brigadier Sir F.W.C. Featherstone-Godley and was bought by the late Mr. Joseph Cassar in 1956. That year she sailed South through the French canals and across the Mediterranean to Malta, from where she has cruised extensively throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

In 1967 she underwent a major refit to Lloyds 100+ A1 and is presently owned by Tony J Cassar, son of the late Joseph Cassar.

Updated: 01/12/99

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